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V-Bodo von Leamarco, SchH3, Kkl-1a (for life)
97 points in protection at his last Schutzhund 3 Trial

Bodo Training Video
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Breed Survey Translation
Tall, medium strong with masculine characteristics and harmonious build. Normal firmness of joints, correct front
with slightly flat withers and somewhat sloping croup. Somewhat steep upper arm, good angulation
with normal muscle tone in the rear quarters, energetic gaiting with normal rear drive. 

TSB - pronounced - does out.  Resurvey-2001 - for life: Good development and conditioning.

V-Bodo von Leamarco, SchH 3, Kk-1 in action


Bodo has a very fast blind search and comes into 

the blind fast and powerfully. He starts to bark immediately and HOLDS the helper in position


Grips....always FULL, HARD and NO shaking 

at the out command! The "full point" 

grip for today's competition.

Always "pushing" the helper in the blind!

Training for the guarding phase 

after the out on the "courage test". 

No distraction - always pushing the helper!

V-Bodo von Leamarco, SchH 3, Kk-1 Pedigree

V-Onyx von den
Wannaer Höhen

SchH3, Kkl-1
Hips: "a" Normal
Solid Black

Breed Survey
Above medium size, medium strong, harmonious build, good masculine sex characteristics, high withers, good line, slightly steep croup. Correct front and rear angulation, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Correct walk/gait, very flowing, far reaching
gait with good overall firmness.
Sound temperament, hardness, courage and fighting instincts pronounced - does
let out.

Blacky vom Neune Lande
SchH3, IP3, FH, Kkl-1

1994 WUSV
World Champion

(World Union for the
German Shepherd Dog)

1992 Bundessieger (BSP) Champion

V-Gildo vom Körbelbach
SchH3, IP3, FH, 

3 times in the BSP 
Over 30 progeny
in the BSP

Irus vom Flötzbachtal
SchH3, IP3, FH, ZH2
Umsa vom Bungalow
SchH3, FH
2 times BSP with V
2 times 3rd place
V-Fanta vom Haus

SchH3, IP3, FH, 
BSP competitor
Kim vom Schloß Westhusen
SchH3, FH
Bora vom Haus

SchH3 with SG score
Deika von den
Wannaer Höhen
SchH3, Kkl-2

3 times BSP qualifier with SG scores. Many progeny in the BSP. An incredible working female German Shepherd.

Bred, trained and handled by Dieter Träger of the World Famous Wannaer Höhen Kennel in Germany

V-Fax vom Haus

SchH3, IP3, FH,
BSP Competitor
Dasso vom
Bodelswinger Schloß

SchH 3 with V score 
Nessy vom Haus

SchH1 with SG score
Birke vom 

SchH3, IP3, FH
Aik vom Ambassadeur
Evi vom Pechgraben

Onni vom 
Fehntjer Meer

SchH3, IP3, Kkl-1
Hips: "a" normal
Solid Black

Breed Survey
Tall, strong, good front angulation, normal chest development, normal withers, good top line, good croup. Moves straight in the front, slightly incorrect rear drive, far reaching gait, could be somewhat firmer. Sound temperament, hardness, courage and fighting instincts pronounced - does
let out.

V-Othello von Kathargo
SchH3 with "V" score

V-Fero vom
Zeuterner Himmelreich

SchH3, FH
BSP with V

Bred 241 times
with over 35
progeny in the
BSP - the most 
of any stud dog.

Flori vom Berglein
SchH3, FH

5 times BSP - all times V
Perle vom Rosenbusch
V-Randa von Karthago
SchH3 with "V" score
Jalk von Karthago
Afra vom 
Stoppenberger Land

V-Xilka vom
Fehntjer Meer

V-Quanto vom Lärchenhain
SchH3 with "V" score, FH
5 times in the SV
Sieger Show
Quai von den Boxhochburg
SchH3 with V
, FH
Häsel von Bimöhlen
SchH3 with V Scores, FH
V-Mohrle vom Fehntjer Meer
SchH2 with "V" score
Lump vom Osterberger-Land
 SchH3 with V score
Bodo is available for stud service. E-mail for information. Ullie vom Fehntjer Meer



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