SG - Jill von den Wannaer Höhen, SchH3, FH
 made her SchH3 with Lynne Lewis 97-90-94 - 279

(Courage and Hardness  - Pronounced.)

Photo Gallery of the Evergreen Working Dog Club Trial
(Click on image below to see full size pictures of Jill in action

Jill coming full speed on her
SchH  Courage Test

Jill with absolute full grip
on the SchH3 re-attack

Talk about intense, powerful
hold and bark - this is it!

Jill doing her intense SILENT
open field guarding

Jill is proven to produce INCREDIBLE working Schutzhund German Shepherds.
Her puppies are in training for high competition and are GREAT family companions and protectors.


Jill and Lynne in fast pace heeling .

Jill is always attentive & focused.

Jill produces puppies that are outstanding for Schutzhund competition/companion dog or as families pets and protectors. Her puppies have solid nerves, high prey drive and are extremely social.